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Bird Samkhann

    Bird Samkhann (Khmer: ប៉ឺត សំខាន់), also spelt Beut Samkhan, is a retired Kun Khmer fighter originally from Battambang Province, ended his fighting career in 2014 after a triumphant final bout against a champion he had previously failed to defeat. Currently, he serves as a referee and judge for the Kun Khmer Federation.

    Early Life and Challenges

    Born in Battambang Province, Bird Samkhann grew up facing financial struggles. Despite their best efforts, his family faced significant hardships, which compelled Samkhann, along with some of his siblings such as Bird Kham and Bird Sangkhim, to forego formal education.

    Entry into Kun Khmer

    Before entering the world of Kun Khmer, Bird Samkhann worked as a gemstone worker in Pailin Province. He often watched boxing matches in his village and developed a strong interest in the sport. His passion led him to request a chance to fight, but he was initially rejected due to his lack of training. This rejection fueled his determination, and in 1999, he decided to move to the capital, Phnom Penh, to train in Kun Khmer at Long Salvorn Keila.

    After just seven days of training, Samkhann made his debut in the 54kg weight class at an event in Pursat Province, where he knocked out his opponent in the fourth round. This victory opened up more opportunities for him, although not every match was televised. Many of his early fights took place in provincial events, away from the screen.

    Career Highlights

    As Sangkhann rose to the top tier of the sport, he sometimes had to compete in two matches during a single event spanning a few days. One memorable event took place in Kampong Speu Province, where he competed alongside three of his gym seniors, only to emerge as the sole victor while his seniors were defeated. Throughout his career, Samkhann faced numerous challenges, including competing against his senior gym mates in title competitions, forcing him to make difficult decisions.

    Bird Samkhann recalls two particularly memorable matches: one against the experienced fighter Vorn Piseth and another against Pich Bunthoeun. These matches stand out in his memory for their intensity and the skills required to compete at such a high level.


    Bird Samkhann fondly recalls winning four second-place trophies, including one earned in France (I’m sure he had achieved more than these. I will update once I get more information). During the early 2000s, title competitions were infrequent, making opportunities to compete for titles scarce.

    Born N/A
    From Battambang Province
    Other Names N/A
    Height 1. 69 m
    Weight 69kg
    Style Kun Khmer
    Stance Switch Stances
    Kun Krou N/A
    Boxing Gym Long Salvorn Keila
    Trainer Long Salvorn
    Years Active Retired (1999-2014)
    Total 200+
    Wins 180
    Losses 20
    Draws N/A
    TKOs N/A
    Last updated 2024
    The fight records provided are approximate, as the athlete cannot recall all the details due to the events occurring a long time ago and the lack of proper documentation.