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Mas Fight

MAS Fight, an international professional fighting organization known for its unique approach to mixed martial arts (MMA), was founded by Tony Chen. His pivotal role as the founder underscores his influence in shaping the organization’s vision and rules.

MAS Fight entered Cambodia through an agreement with Town Full HDTV, commencing on October 27, 2019. This event features MAS Fight matches alongside Kun Khmer bouts, highlighting the organization’s commitment to diverse combat disciplines. Cities hosting Mas Fight events include Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Guangzhou, Macao, Manila, Sichuan, Bangkok, and Pattaya.


MAS Fight distinguishes itself with rule modifications designed to intensify and expedite the action. While throws are permitted for strategic engagement, there are no points or judges, resulting in straightforward outcomes.

Ground fighting is strictly prohibited; however, fighters are allowed to engage in clinching or sweeping techniques, which involve applying locks, such as joint locks or chokeholds. Victory hinges only on TKO, which could result from the referee’s stoppage, knockout (KO), or submission. Three knockdowns equal a KO. Due to these rules, MAS Fight matches do not involve judges; only the in-ring referee decides the outcome.

Draws are declared if neither fighter secures a knockout within the allotted time, which is set for a single 9-minute round. This distinctive time limit contributes to the high-energy, fast-paced nature of MAS Fight bouts.

Fighters who knock down their opponents receive a bonus. If neither fighter claims victory, the bonus will be accumulated for the next victorious fighter.

Weight Class

MAS Fight consists of three primary weight classes: Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight. However, the competition allows fighters from one weight class to participate in matches within other weight categories as well. MAS Fight rules also permit female fighters to challenge male fighters, but such matchups require approval from the MAS Fight committee.