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Skor Yaul

Skor Yol (/skaor yaul/) stands as a pivotal instrument in Cambodia’s rich tapestry of traditional music, prominently featured in performances like Pin Peat and Pleng Pradal. This cylindrical drum, with its distinctive shape and resonant sound, holds a unique place in the cultural heritage of Cambodia. Despite its significance, Skor Yol is sometimes misconstrued, especially to the untrained eye, as it bears similarities to the sampho—a smaller, double-headed barrel drum.

Skor Yols in the Vong Pleng Pradal of Bayon TV – Photo provided by Sitho Nathan

The confusion arises from the shared characteristics of both drums—they are sealed with leather and played by striking with both hands. To the casual observer, the nuanced differences may be overlooked. However, delving into the intricacies of these traditional musical instruments unveils the distinct role that Skor Yol plays in shaping the melodies and rhythms of Cambodia’s traditional music, contributing to the captivating allure of performances such as Pin Peat and Pleng Pradal, which is played along Sralai, and Chhing.