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Bird Sangkhim

    Bird Sangkhim (Khmer: បឺត សង្ឃឹម), born Touch Rachhann in 1996 in Battambang Province, stands as a beacon of humility in the world of Kun Khmer. Often referred to in the ring as “The Psychologist,” he epitomizes the grace and power inherent in the ancient martial form of Kun Khmer.

    Journey into Kun Khmer

    With years of disciplined practice and unwavering commitment, Sangkhim has become a testament to the rich martial traditions of Cambodia, having been trained under the guidance of the esteemed fighter Sen Bunthen.In the tumultuous arena of Kun Khmer, Sangkhim stands as a paragon of composure and determination. Regardless of the chaos that surrounds him, he remains a stoic and focused warrior, showcasing the true spirit of martial discipline.

    Fight Record and Beyond

    Sangkhim’s fight record, spanning almost 120 bouts, offers insight into his journey in Kun Khmer. Despite facing 22 setbacks, his notable tally of 93 victories and 3 draws underscores his expertise. The 39 TKO victories further highlight his skill within the ring. While past losses contribute to the overall narrative, they do not fully encapsulate his current abilities. Through unwavering dedication and continuous growth, Sangkhim has rightfully earned recognition as one of Cambodia’s top five Kun Khmer fighters in recent years.

    Beyond the statistics, Sangkhim is celebrated for his humility in the face of provocations. Instead of succumbing to anger or retaliating, he channels his energy into precision and skill, displaying not only physical prowess but also profound mental fortitude. Fans consistently find themselves entertained by his exceptional fight technique, regardless of the fight outcome.

    Success at SEA Games: Two Gold Medals

    In 2022, during the SEA Games held in Vietnam, Bird Sangkhim, also known as Touch Rachhan, clinched Cambodia’s first gold medal in the 57kg weight category of kickboxing. He achieved this milestone by defeating Thai kick boxer Arunno Sivapan in the finale.

    At the 2023 SEA Games, hosted by Cambodia, Sangkhim secured another gold medal after he emerged victorious against Vietnam’s kick boxer Nguyen Quang Huy.

    Sangkhim’s consecutive gold medal wins at the SEA Games highlight his talent and dedication to the sport, serving as a source of pride for Cambodia.

    His achievements contribute to the growing recognition of Kun Khmer on the international stage.


    Born 1996
    From Battambang Province
    Height 1.68m
    Weight 60kg
    Nick Names The Psychologist
    Style Kun Khner, Pradal Serey
    Stance Southpaw
    Kun Krou The Eagle showing off its Might
    Boxing Gym Sen Bunthen Penkak Kun Khmer
    Trainer Sen Bunthen
    Years Active -Present
    Total 136
    Wins 101
    Losses 30
    Draws 05
    TKOs 39
    Last Updated 01.06.2024
    CAUTION: The fight records of Kun Khmer Fighters have been inconsistent across TV stations. Therefore, these numbers are subject to change based on the latest fights available, with the name of the TV station hosting the event mentioned.