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Eh Phouthong

    Eh Phouthong (Khmer: អេ ភូថង | IPA=eɪ puːtɑːŋ), born in 1975 in the Koh Kong province, is a retired Cambodian professional Kun Khmer practitioner, who is now Kun Khmer coach.

    Renowned by the ring nikname “Atitep Chongkong Chhes” translated into the “God of fury knee”, this veteran fighter has etched an unparalleled legacy in the realm of Kun Khmer.

    Early Life

    Born Eh Lim, later Eh Phouthong after his grand master Yuth Phouthong, who is also his close relative, who had groomed him to be the legend of Kun Khmer. Phouthong’s odyssey into the realm of Kun Khmer commenced in his birthplace, Koh Kong. Even from a tender age, his innate passion for martial arts ignited, drawing inspiration from the cultural tapestry that enveloped him.

    Kickboxing Record

    Eh Phouthong’s illustrious career, spanning decades, paints a vivid picture of his skill, resilience, and determination. Of the 200 matches, he emerged victorious in an impressive 184, including a staggering 40 wins by knockout. With a mere 12 losses and 4 draws, Eh Phouthong personifies a fighter who consistently surmounts challenges, evolving with each bout.

    Legacy and Impact

    Beyond the numerical statistics, Eh Phouthong’s legacy extends far beyond the confines of the ring. His unwavering commitment to his craft and profound sense of national pride have become a wellspring of inspiration for aspiring Kun Khmer fighters, not only in Cambodia but across the globe. As a torchbearer of this ancient martial art, Eh Phouthong’s narrative serves as a guiding light for those dedicated to preserving and promoting Cambodia’s cultural heritage through the discipline of Kun Khmer.

    Life Beyond the Ring

    Phouthong’s prowess in the ring, particularly his powerful right kick, earned him the title of Cambodia’s Muhammad Ali by the AFP. Beyond his fighting career, he delved into media, starring in Khmer-language action films and hosting CTN’s reality show, Kun Khmer Champion.

    His coaching journey began in 2005 when he established his gym and boxing club, Eh Phouthong Tonle Bassac Club. Over the years, he nurtured talent, including his younger brother Auth Phouthong. In 2023, his contributions to the sport were acknowledged as he won the “Best Coach Award” from the Khmer Boxing World Championship Techo Santepheap.

    The Legacy Continues

    Eh Phouthong’s dedication to Kun Khmer echoes through generations. His sons, Maeun Mekhea, Eh Yanuth, and Eh Ammarin Phouthong, continue his legacy as Kun Khmer boxers. Despite his retirement, Eh Phouthong’s influence persists as he remains deeply involved in the sport, symbolized by the inauguration of the Galaxy Navatra Eh Phouthong Khmer martial arts club in 2023, a partnership set to endure for five years.

    Born 1975
    From Koh Kong Province
    Nationality Cambodian
    Height 1.80m
    Weight 48kh – 63kg -80kg – 85kg
    Nick Names Atitep Chankung Chhes
    Style Kun Khner, Pradal Serey
    Team N/A
    Trainer Yuth Phouthong
    Years Active Retired
    Total 200
    Wins 184
    Losses 12
    Draws 04
    TKOs 40
    Last Updated 09/12/2023
    CAUTION: The fight records of Kun Khmer Fighters have been inconsistent across TV stations. Therefore, these numbers are subject to change based on the latest fights available, with the name of the TV station hosting the event mentioned.