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Kan Menghong

    Kan Menghong (Khmer: កាន់ ម៉េងហុង), born in 2006, is a Kun Khmer fighter from Kandal Province, proudly holding the esteemed title of IPCC Kun Khmer Champion. Menghong embodies the essence of Kun Khmer with his Southpaw stance.

    Early Life

    Born in Barong Village, Barong Commune, Lavea Em District, Kandal Province, Menghong grew up in Boeng Salang, Phnom Penh with his older sister and grandmother. Learning the value of hard work from an early age, Menghong attended public school only part-time and spent the rest of his time at the Taramana center. Later, he chose to leave school to assist his family by working in construction from the age of 12. It was during these formative years that Menghong discovered his passion for the martial art, channeling his energy into the sport as a means of self-expression and discipline.

    Dedication and Achievement

    Boxing isn’t just a sport for Menghong; it’s his passion and vocation. Joining a club at the age of 16, he quickly made a name for himself with his impressive skills and determination.

    Champion of Champions

    Menghong’s ascent to the summit of Kun Khmer reached its zenith when he claimed the coveted title of IPCC Kun Khmer Champion in the 57kg category. In a riveting showdown at the Town Full HDTV Kun Khmer event, Menghong showcased his indomitable spirit and unwavering resolve in a grueling five-round battle against the tough fighter Hong Sovannchansothy. Despite the immense challenge posed by Sovannchansothy’s impressive record of over 20 TKO victories in just 52 bouts, Menghong emerged triumphant with a hard-earned split decision victory. This remarkable achievement not only secured Menghong the prestigious IPCC Belt but also bestowed upon him a substantial prize of USD 12,000. It marks a defining moment in Menghong’s journey, igniting a new flame of determination and setting the stage for even greater triumphs yet to come.

    Potential Challenges

    Despite his remarkable skills and achievements, Menghong faces potential challenges in gaining exposure on the international stage due to his light weight class of 57kg. Foreign fighters from other countries, mostly in larger weight classes, may pose a limited pool of opponents. However, there is optimism that Menghong will overcome these challenges, potentially transitioning to higher weight classes and securing more opportunities for international fights, further solidifying his place as a dominant force in the world of Kun Khmer.

    Success at the SEA Games

    Menghong’s aspirations to represent his country at the Southeast Asian Games first materialized in 2022, during the 31st SEA Games hosted by Vietnam. However, he could only bring home a silver medal after a defeat in the finale. At the SEA Games 2023, hosted by his homeland of Cambodia, Menghong clinched a gold medal in the Men’s Kun Krou category of Kun Khmer. This achievement brought pride and honor to himself and his nation alike. With this significant milestone achieved, Menghong sets his sights even higher, harboring dreams of Olympic participation in the near future.

    Born 2006
    From Kandal Province Province
    Nickname N/A
    Height 1.65 m
    Weight 57 kg
    Style Kun Khmer
    Stance Southpaw
    Kun Krou The Naga’s Graceful Swim
    Boxing Gym Neakareach Chaktomuk Boxing
    Trainer Svay Sokhon
    Years Active - Present
    Total 75
    Wins 59
    Losses 12
    Draws 04
    TKOs 17
    Last update 11.05.2024
    CAUTION: The fight records of Kun Khmer Fighters have been inconsistent across TV stations. Therefore, these numbers are subject to change based on the latest fights available, with the name of the TV station hosting the event mentioned.