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Khim Bora

    Khim Bora (Khmer: ឃីម បូរ៉ា), born in 1998, is a revered figure in the realm of Kun Khmer, known by the evocative moniker “Neak Meas Banteay Mean Chey,” which translates to “the Golden Naga/Dragon of Banteay Mean Chey.” From Banteay Mean Chey Province, Bora has carved his path as a formidable force in the world of Kun Khmer.

    Family Legacy and Sibling Camaraderie

    Bora’s journey is intertwined with family legacy as the younger brother of Khim Dima, further enriching the narrative of their family’s influence on the traditional martial arts landscape of Cambodia.

    SEA Games 2023 Triumph

    The pinnacle of Bora’s illustrious career came during the SEA Games of 2023, hosted in his homeland, Cambodia. His triumph as a medalist in the Kun Khmer category resonated globally, showcasing his mastery of this ancient Cambodian martial art on an international stage.

    The Ring Maestro

    Inside the squared circle, Khim Bora boasts an impressive fight record that attests to his unwavering dedication and skill. With a total of 144 fights (as of February 04, 2024), comprising 114 victories, 28 losses, and 2 draws, he has consistently demonstrated remarkable tenacity. Notably, 42 of his victories have been secured through TKO, a testament to his striking prowess and ability to dominate opponents.

    A Victorious Present and an Inspirational Future

    In his most recent bout, Khim Bora once again emerged victorious, adding another win to his remarkable record. His relentless spirit and technical expertise make him a standout figure in Kun Khmer, capturing the hearts of fans and inspiring aspiring fighters in Cambodia and beyond.

    As Neak Meas Banteay Mean Chey continues to leave an indelible mark on the sport, each powerful strike and triumphant victory in the world of Kun Khmer unfold a chapter in his extraordinary journey.


    Born 1998
    From Banteay Mean Chey Province
    Height 1.76m
    Weight 60kg
    Nick Names Neak Meas Banteay Mean Chey
    Style Kun Khner
    Stance Southpaw
    Boxing Gym Rasmey Phum Keap Boxing
    Trainer Heng Bunkhim
    Years Active -Present
    Total 147
    Wins 117
    Losses 28
    Draws 02
    TKOs 43
    Last Updated 02.06.2024 (Bordeaux, France)
    CAUTION: The fight records of Kun Khmer Fighters have been inconsistent across TV stations. Therefore, these numbers are subject to change based on the latest fights available, with the name of the TV station hosting the event mentioned.