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Kim Veasna

    Kim Veasna (Khmer: គឹម វាសនា), born in 1999, is a Kun Khmer fighter originally from Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia. From a factory worker, Veasna transformed his life by dedicating himself to the ancient martial art of Kun Khmer. Known for his powerful and precise strikes, he has earned the nickname “The Stone Fist of Vaiko River.”

    From Factory Floors to Fighting Rings

    Veasna’s journey into Kun Khmer began at the age of 18 while he was working as a factory worker in 2014. His curiosity was piqued by a coworker who consistently rushed out at the end of the workday to train. Upon inquiry, he learned about Kun Khmer and was immediately drawn to it. Despite his night shifts, Veasna managed to train during the day under coach Hang Soeun. Early challenges and a minor injury briefly halted his training, but an opportunity to compete rekindled his commitment. Winning his first match revitalized his passion, and the accolades from his factory colleagues further fueled his dedication to the sport.

    His resolve led to a series of victories, prompting his trainer to secure him a position as a soldier. This allowed Veasna to quit his factory job and train full-time while living with his coach. Although he faced financial difficulties initially, his enthusiasm for martial arts prevailed. With the support of his earnings as a soldier and backing from his family, despite some hesitations, Veasna increasingly focused on achieving fame and mastering his craft. His fighting career took a significant leap forward in 2018 when he began facing international competitors.

    Career and Achievements

    Since turning professional, Kim Veasna has compiled an impressive fight record with a career tally of 59 fights, with 48 wins, 8 losses, and 3 draws, including 17 wins by TKO (as of 05 May 2024). His prowess in the ring is supported by rigorous training at the Boxing Association of RCAF’s Special Force gym under the tutelage of Master Hang Soeun.

    Veasna’s career is characterized not just by his victories but by his resilience and ability to overcome adversity. His early decisions to pursue Kun Khmer full-time, the sacrifices made, and the subsequent support from his family have shaped him into a fighter applauded by fans.

    Today, Veasna continues to train and compete, driven by a deep passion for Kun Khmer and a desire to carry on the legacy of the sport. Veasna names prominent fighters like Lao Sinat and Lao Chantrea, whose careers he aspires to emulate.

    Continued Pursuit of Excellence

    Kim Veasna remains a force to reckended in the Kun Khmer fighting scene, with each match further solidifying his reputation as “The Stone Fist of Vaiko River.” His story is a testament to the transformative power of dedication and hard work in the pursuit of one’s dreams.

    Born 1999
    From Svay Rieng Province
    Nickname The Stone Fist of Vaiko River
    Height 1.70 m
    Weight 69kg
    Style Kun Khmer
    Stance Orthodox
    Kun Krou N/A
    Boxing Gym Boxing Association of RCAF’s Special Force
    Trainer Hang Soeun
    Years Active 2014 - Present
    Total 61
    Wins 50
    Losses 08
    Draws 03
    TKOs 18
    Last updated 31.05.2024 (TVK)
    CAUTION: The fight records of Kun Khmer Fighters have been inconsistent across TV stations. Therefore, these numbers are subject to change based on the latest fights available, with the name of the TV station hosting the event mentioned.