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Lao Chetra

    Lao Chetra (Khmer: ឡៅ ចិត្រា | IPA: laʊ jetrɑː), an impressive Kun Khmer fighter from Kampong Speu Province, epitomizes the essence of martial prowess and family legacy. Competing in the lightweight division, he is known by his ring moniker “Teahean Knay Tann,” which could loosely translate to “the Soldier bearing the Wild Boar’s Tusk” or the “Solid Spur Soldier.”

    Lao Chetra’s roots run deep in the tradition of Kun Khmer, with a family lineage that reads like a chapter from the annals of Cambodian combat sports. His eldest brother, Lao Sinat, has etched his name as an all-time legend in the realm of Cambodian martial arts, while his middle brother, Lao Chantrea, presently reigns as the apex competitor in his weight class. His journey is also joined by a new talent, Lao Sayneth.

    Training and Early Career

    Embarking on his training journey at the tender age of 8, Lao Chetra swiftly amassed extensive experience, participating in nearly 150 bouts by the time he reached 20 years old. However, the discrepancy between the recent TV fight record, which reflects around 100 bouts, hints at the common challenge of inconsistent numbers, possibly stemming from a lack of a standardized boxing tracking system or differing criteria in the count.

    Achievements and Titles

    Despite this, Lao Chetra’s path to excellence is marked by a string of triumphs, securing almost every significant title in his homeland. Notably, he achieved the belt in two distinct weight classes, underscoring his versatility and dominance in the Kun Khmer arena.

    International Success

    Beyond the borders of Cambodia, Lao Chetra showcased his mettle by clinching a medal in Muay Thai at the 2017 Southeast Asian Games. His prowess is further honed under the watchful eye of renowned coach Chan Reach at Cambodian Top Team, where he trains alongside his two illustrious brothers.

    In the 2023 SEA Games, Chetra secured a gold medal by achieving a TKO victory over Vietnamese fighter Chau Dat Nguyen in the 67kg weight category during the final match.

    Balancing Martial Arts and Military Service

    Besides his commitment to the martial arts, Lao Chetra also serves his nation with pride as a member of an elite Cambodian Special Forces commando unit. Balancing his responsibilities between military service and his flourishing career in Kun Khmer, he epitomizes the dedication and discipline that characterize a true warrior.

    Born 1999
    From Kampong Speu Province
    Height 1.73 m
    Weight 60 kg
    Other Name(s) Teahean Knay Tann
    Style Kun Khmer
    Stance Southpaw
    Team Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Boxing Association
    Trainer Hang Soeun
    Years Active - Present
    Total 110
    Wins 96
    Losses 09
    Draws 05
    TKOs 44
    Last Updated 19.05.2024
    CAUTION: The fight records of Kun Khmer Fighters have been inconsistent across TV stations. Therefore, these numbers are subject to change based on the latest fights available, with the name of the TV station hosting the event mentioned.