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Long Chin

    Long Chin (Khmer: ឡុង ជិន), born in 2000 in Kandal Province, Cambodia, is a seasoned Kun Khmer fighter with a compelling story that transcends the ring. Long Chin has become a prominent figure in the world of Kun Khmer, showcasing his skills and determination on numerous occasions.

    Fighting out of Kla Rokhen Mean Rith Gym, Long Chin has been under the guidance of his dedicated trainer, Ricky . His dedication and hard work are reflected in his impressive fight record, which spans from 2017 to the present.Long Chin’s journey into Kun Khmer was not an easy one, marked by the challenges of a bitter family background.

    At the age of 12, Long Chin found himself in an orphanage after his parents separated and started new families. Despite facing difficulties in following the standard curriculum due to his age, Long Chin decided to leave the orphanage in pursuit of employment. However, his lack of skills and knowledge led him to low-paying jobs.

    At the age of 17, Long Chin shifted gears and embarked on a journey to become a Kun Khmer fighter. His initial attempts to join the training were met with rejection, with some masters deeming him too young for the martial art.

    Undeterred by the setbacks, Long Chin persisted until he found acceptance. Inspired by the traditional elements and customs of Kun Khmer, he pushed forward despite the initial financial challenges.In the early days, Long Chin discovered that a single match could only earn him around $25. Despite this, driven by motivation from friends and relatives, as well as his passion for the sport, he persevered.

    With the growing support for Kun Khmer, the financial rewards increased, allowing Long Chin to provide for his family.As time went on, Long Chin, known by the nickname “the Mighty Panther,” rose to prominence in the Kun Khmer community. His dedication and skill earned him popularity among the masses, and he achieved notable success in his boxing career, securing trophies and belts along the way.

    Long Chin’s story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the resilience and triumph of an individual who turned adversity into success within the world of Kun Khmer.