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Nuon Phearum

    Nuon Phirum (Khmer: នួន ភារម្យ), Nuon Phirum is a retired Kun Khmer fighter from Banteay Meanchey Province. Phearum embarked on Kun Khmer journey that spanned across Cambodia and Thailand. With a career that saw him compete nearly a thousand times, Phirum rose to prominence as a celebrated boxer before transitioning to a role as a judge and referee.

    Early Life and Entry into Kun Khmer

    Born in Banteay Meanchey Province, Phearum has five siblings. After his father passed away, Phirum with passion in Kun Khmer since he was young got to know a Kun Khmer master Chhour Konghong who ran the Physical Education Club of Banteay Meanchey and got a chance to start a journey into Kun Khmer at around 13. During those times, he would go there all the time there were training sessions and watched boxers train and also got to try using the equipment to practice. Seeing my passion, the master allowed me to train after he learned out who my late father was.

    Illustrious Boxing Career

    His accolades are a testament to his prowess within the ring. Notable highlights include clinching a bronze medal at the prestigious Thai King Cup in 1996, followed by a silver medal in 1997. In recognition of his exceptional talent and dedication, Nuon Phirum was honored with the esteemed Samdech Hun Sen Award in 1996, a recognition that reverberated nationwide. Throughout his illustrious career, Nuon Phirum amassed numerous local titles and belts, solidifying his legacy as a formidable force in the boxing arena. Though his days as an active competitor have drawn to a close, his influence as a revered figure in the sport continues to resonate, inspiring future generations of athletes to pursue excellence within the ring and beyond.


    Born N/A
    From Banteay Meanchey Province
    Other Names the Old Tricky Tiger
    Style Kun Khmer
    Boxing Gym N/A
    Trainer N/A
    Kun Krou N/A
    Years Active Retired
    As of
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