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Phal Silong

    Phal Silong (Khmer: ផល ស៊ីឡុង) was born in 2005 in Phnom Penh, into a family with a deep connection to Cambodia’s traditional martial arts. He inherited his passion for the sport from his uncle, the renowned Kun Khmer fighter Phal Sophorn.

    Journey into Kun Khmer

    Silong, known by his ring name “Kon Damrei Pikheat”, which translates to the “Young Killer Elephant”, has quickly risen through the ranks of Kun Khmer. Despite his young age, his talent and determination have propelled him to become a notable figure in the sport.

    Silong’s Triumphs

    One of Silong’s most remarkable achievements is his impressive record in international competitions, having emerged victorious in over 30 matches against opponents from around the world. Among these bouts, just under 50 total, approximately 20 have ended in TKO victories for Silong, which is a testament to why he has earned widespread recognition within the Kun Khmer community so quickly.

    At the Kun Khmer Mattrid Grand Fight on February 10, 2024, Silong once again demonstrated his prowess with a strategic barrage of low kicks, relentlessly targeting his opponent’s left leg. This tactical approach ultimately led to his opponent’s submission in the late first round, securing yet another triumph for the young Kun Khmer prodigy.

    Silong’s illustrious journey reached new heights when he secured a resounding victory against another rising star, Koramak Chanreach, even managing to knock him down, prompting the referee to administer a count to 8 in round 2. Throughout the match, Silong displayed exceptional performance, ultimately earning a unanimous decision and emerging as the victor of the Kun Khmer Madrid Grand Fights Marathon on February 17, 2024, securing the coveted 16 million riel prize (roughly 4,000 USD).

    Born 2005
    From Phnom Penh
    Other Names The young Killer Elephant
    Height 1. 68 m
    Weight 54 kg
    Style Kun Khmer
    Stance Orthodox
    Boxing Gym Taley Domrei Mean Rithi
    Trainer Mark Sokhorn
    Years Active - Present
    Total 50
    Wins 39
    Losses 09
    Draws 02
    TKOs 17
    Last updated 17.03.2024
    CAUTION: The fight records of Kun Khmer Fighters have been inconsistent across TV stations. Therefore, these numbers are subject to change based on the latest fights available, with the name of the TV station hosting the event mentioned.