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Phan Phannath

    Phan Phannath (Khmer: ផាន ផាន់ណាត់), born in 2004 in Battambang Province, is a distinguished practitioner of Kun Khmer, earning the monikers “The Black Wolf” or “The Thunder Elbow” for his remarkable skills in the ring.

    Under the mentorship of coach Hang Soeun at the Special Force Boxing – CRAF Boxing Association, Phannath has diligently honed his craft, showcasing his prowess by consistently overwhelming his opponents, particularly in recent appearances.

    Phannath’s fighting style is distinguished by his orthodox stance and signature elbow technique, which have garnered acclaim among Kun Khmer enthusiasts. His ability to deliver devastating elbow strikes has earned him comparisons to a thunderstorm on the canvas.

    With a career spanning numerous battles, Phannath boasts an impressive fight record, tallying 75 bouts as of February 23, 2024. Among these, he has emerged victorious in 62 encounters, with 23 wins secured by knockout. Despite encountering setbacks, including 11 losses and 1 draw, Phannath’s resilience and determination have defined his journey in the ring.

    At the Kubuta Kun Khmer event hosted by Bayon TV on February 23, 2024. In a display of his expertise, Phannath executed a well-timed low kick to the thigh of his Iranian opponent, Sayedbager Mousavi, compelling him to submit in the latter stages of Round 1. While this biography provides only a glimpse into Phan Phannath’s illustrious career, his achievements in the realm of Kun Khmer underscore his talent and unwavering dedication to the sport. As he continues to evolve and refine his abilities, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his future triumphs in the ring.

    Born 2004
    From Battambang Province
    Other Names The Steer Spur Soldier
    Height 1. 65m
    Weight 60Kg
    Style Kun Khmer
    Stance Orthodox
    Boxing Gym Special Force Boxing - CRAF Boxing Association
    Trainer Hang Soeun
    Kun Krou Lakshmana's Seema Rekha
    Years Active N/A-Present
    Total 78
    Wins 52
    Losses 23
    Draws 03
    TKOs 23
    As of 09.06.2024 (Bayon TV)
    CAUTION: The fight records of Kun Khmer Fighters have been inconsistent across TV stations. Therefore, these numbers are subject to change based on the latest fights available, with the name of the TV station hosting the event mentioned.