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Phanith Kun Khmer

    Phanith Kun Khmer, previously known as Elit Phanith, is a rising star from Oddar Meanchey Province standing at 1.67 meters tall and weighing in at 54 kilograms.

    Born in 2005, Phanith’s journey into the world of Kun Khmer began with inspiration from legends like Beut Khamm and Sen Radeth. It was a fateful day in his hometown when he witnessed a Kun Khmer event featuring Beut Khamm that ignited his passion for the sport, leading him to start training soon after that.

    Under the guidance of esteemed trainers Beut Khamm and Sorn Elit, Phanith has honed his skills and developed a formidable style.

    As a young talent on the rise, Phanith continues to make waves in the world of Kun Khmer, captivating audiences with his electrifying performances and cementing his status as a future legend in the making.

    Born 2005
    From Oddar Meanchey Province
    Other Names N/A
    Height 1. 67 m
    Weight 54kg
    Style Kun Khmer
    Stance Orthodox
    Kun Krou The Naga Swims
    Boxing Gym Kun Khmer Daun Ta
    Trainer Bird Samkhann, Ly Phea
    Years Active - Present
    Total 51
    Wins 37
    Losses 12
    Draws 02
    TKOs 18
    Last updated 07.06.2027 (Town Full HDTV)
    CAUTION: The fight records of Kun Khmer Fighters have been inconsistent across TV stations. Therefore, these numbers are subject to change based on the latest fights available, with the name of the TV station hosting the event mentioned.