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Sen Rady

    Sen Rady (Khmer: សែន រ៉ាឌី), born Tin Pheap in 1990, is a retired Kun Khmer fighter from Koh Kong Province who is a Vovinam Gold Medalist, and currently a Kun Khmer Trainer.

    Journey into Kun Khmer

    Rady’s journey into Kun Khmer began at the tender age of 7. Despite initially hiding his training sessions from his father, Rady’s passion for the sport was wholeheartedly supported by his family. His father, though not a Kun Khmer fighter himself, instilled martial arts values in Rady and his siblings, two of whom, Chlarm Sor “the White Shark” and Sen Radeth, also embraced Kun Khmer. Under the mentorship of Grand Master Yuth Phouthong, Rady earned the nickname “Mtes Khmang,” likened to a small yet fiercely spicy chili, reflecting his fearless fighting style.

    Rady’s prowess in Kun Khmer transcended provincial boundaries, with his first match occurring just two months into his training. His commitment led him to Phnom Penh in 2011, where he pursued both higher education and a career in Kun Khmer, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in Law.

    Evolution as a Fighter

    Transitioning to the professional circuit in Phnom Penh, Rady adopted the new ring name “Sen Rady,” symbolizing a fresh start and a dedication to his craft. Over nearly two decades, he amassed an impressive collection of accolades, including three championship belts and notable victories both domestically and internationally.

    Triumphs on the World Stage

    Among his achievements, Rady’s gold medal at the 2015 Vovinam World Championship held in Algeria and silver medal at the 2017 World Vovinam Championship held in India stand as testament to his skill and dedication.

    Retirement and Legacy

    Despite his remarkable career, Rady made the difficult decision to retire upon sensing a decline in his performance, marked by a TKO defeat in his last fight, a first in his career. However, his retirement marks not an end but a new chapter, as he remains committed to the advancement of Kun Khmer. Alongside his brothers, Rady established a Kun Khmer boxing gym in Kandal Province, nurturing the next generation of fighters and preserving the sport’s legacy. Additionally, his role as an official in the General Secretariat of the Boxing Council underscores his ongoing dedication to the sport’s governance and development.

    By weaving together Rady’s personal journey, professional achievements, and commitment to his sport’s future, this bio aims to showcase his enduring impact on Kun Khmer. Rady stated that while he will not return to the ring despite the rise in Kun Khmer support nowadays, he may join demonstration fights if requested, to show his supporters and share his experience.

    Born 1990
    From Koh Kong Province
    Other Names N/A
    Height 1. 65 m
    Weight 54kg, 57 kg, 60kg
    Style Kun Khmer, Vovinam
    Stance Orthodox
    Boxing Gym N/A
    Trainer Chlam Sor
    Years Active 2000- N/A (Retired)
    Total 70
    Wins 52
    Losses 18
    Draws 00
    TKOs 30
    Last updated 09.08.2015 (PNN TV)
    CAUTION: The fight records of Kun Khmer Fighters have been inconsistent across TV stations. Therefore, these numbers are subject to change based on the latest fights available, with the name of the TV station hosting the event mentioned.