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Vong Noy

    Vong Noy (Khmer: វង្ស ណយ), born in 1988 in Pailin Province, is a professional Kun Khmer fighter known for his aggressive fighting style with , earning him the nickname “Neak Leng Keng Pikheat,” which translates to the “Killer Elbow.”

    Early Beginnings and Rise to Prominence

    Beginning his Kun Khmer training at the age of 15, Vong Noy showcased his skills in the ring for nearly 20 years. His initial inspiration stemmed from the necessity of self-defense in a tumultuous environment, where street fights were common at the border between Cambodia and Thailand. He remembers entering his first informal match (organized at a pagoda), securing victory by TKO, and earning approximately $5.

    During his prime, Vong Noy gained prominence through appearances on Bayon TV, thanks to an agreement with the station. This commitment often dictated his fight schedule, prioritizing matches aired on Bayon TV over others.

    International Success and Retirement

    Vong Noy’s success extended beyond Cambodia, as he earned two belts from fighting in France. Once regarded as one of Cambodia’s top Kun Khmer fighters, he dominated the ring for two decades before retiring on July 12, 2020. His decision to retire was influenced by the disparity between his fame and financial stability in the sport.

    Post-Retirement Activities

    An incident that captured public attention occurred when Vong Noy encountered a road rage driver in Phnom Penh. The driver, unaware of Vong Noy’s background, confronted him aggressively. Vong Noy calmly diffused the situation with his martial arts skills, earning praise from fans and netizens for his humble demeanor.

    Following retirement, Vong Noy transitioned to coaching tourists at Mr. Ly Boxing Gym in Siem Reap and engaging in online sales.

    Vong Noy’s Return to the Kun Khmer Arena

    With the resurgence of support for Kun Khmer, evident through increased international exposure and larger prize purses, Vong Noy, along with fellow senior fighters like Krak Samphors and Khim Dima, has returned to the ring. Emerging from a hiatus dating back to 2020, Vong Noy made his long-awaited comeback, reentering the arena of competitive combat.

    On February 23, 2024, he ventured into a new weight class, facing off against an Iranian opponent in the 85kg category. Despite grappling with his fitness levels, Vong Noy demonstrated enduring skill, unleashing a devastating right elbow into his opponent’s chin that felled his adversary in the latter stages of Round 1. While still on the path to peak performance, this triumphant return marks the beginning of Vong Noy’s journey back to fighting form, with each bout offering an opportunity for redemption and resurgence.

    Born 1988
    From Pailin Province
    Height 1.72m
    Weight 83kg
    Nicknames The Dragon of Pailin, the Killer Elbow
    Style Kun Khner
    Stance Southpaw
    Team Pailin Keila
    Trainer Vong Sithai, Oth Phouthong and Chheng Touch
    Years Active 2004-Present (Break 2020-2024)
    Total 308
    Wins 254
    Losses 48
    Draws 06
    TKOs 150
    Last Updated 23.05.2024 (TVK)
    CAUTION: The fight records of Kun Khmer Fighters have been inconsistent across TV stations. Therefore, these numbers are subject to change based on the latest fights available, with the name of the TV station hosting the event mentioned.