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Eh Yanuth

    Eh Yanuth (Khmer: អេ យ៉ានុត), born in 2000 in Koh Kong Province, is one of the few Cambodia’s female Kun Khmer fighters, nicknamed “the Queen of the Ehs”.

    Yanuth’s introduction to the world of Kun Khmer is widely believed to be influenced by her father, the legendary Kun Khmer Fighter Eh Phouthong, who serves as both her mentor and trainer. Additionally, she is the sibling of two other prominent Kun Khmer fighters: Maeun Meikhea and Eh Amarin Phouthong.

    Yanuth recently secured her first KUN KHMER KKIF Belt in her category after a victory that stirred some controversy against a Thai fighter on January 13, 2024. This win marks not only Yanuth’s inaugural championship but also a significant milestone as the first championship title for female Kun Khmer fighters.

    Yanuth celebrates her belt victory with her proud parents | Photo from her Facebook page

    Vovinam Championship 2023

    At the 7th World Vovinam Championship 2023 hosted by Vietnam, Yanuth secured a Bronze Medal among a field of over 650 athletes representing 35 countries.

    On January 19, 2024, Yanuth suffered a narrow defeat by points against Chinese Kickboxer Kuang Fei in the K1 Kickboxing category.

    Yet, redemption arrived swiftly on February 18, 2024, during the thrilling Kun Khmer encounter, held as a highlight of the Mas Fight Event by Town Full HDTV, where Yanuth secured a TKO victory in the late stages of round 1. Her Thai opponent received a doctor’s stoppage after sustaining a severe cut.