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Lek Vibol

    Lek Vibol (Khmer: ឡឹក វិបុល), born in 1976 as Lek Samnang, is a retired Kun Khmer fighter from Battambang Province, Cambodia. Known for his skillful elbow strikes, he earned the nickname “Kaeng Chhes” or “The Fury Elbow.” His lethal close-combat left footwork has knocked out many opponents, including foreign fighters. Vibol retired from Kun Khmer nearly 20 years ago, but recent training sessions suggest he might return to the ring.

    Entry into Kun Khmer

    In his village, boxing was a popular pursuit, with many children training in Kun Khmer alongside their schooling. Vibol began training at around 12 in around 1985, initially without his parents’ support. He never envisioned fighting in Phnom Penh or overseas, thinking he would compete only in Battambang or nearby provinces.

    The Adventure Began

    After achieving success locally, Vibol was encouraged by master Chhey Bunchhoeu to pursue greater opportunities in Phnom Penh. Having fought nearly 100 bouts, he moved to the capital and was introduced to master Troeung Sos Say. His first professional fight was against legendary fighter Nuon Phearum, which he lost by points.

    Career Achievements

    Combining deadly left footwork with precise elbow strikes, Lek Vibol secured approximately 250 TKO victories throughout his career. He won three belts, all against Cambodian fighters, and fought both local and foreign opponents. Despite his status as a top fighter, title opportunities were scarce during his era, with fewer events compared to today. Notably, Vibol never experienced a TKO defeat against either Cambodian or foreign fighters. His accomplishments were recognized with a Golden Shirt from TV5, a rare honor.

    Retirement and Possible Return

    Post-retirement, Vibol returned to Battambang to run small businesses and later trained Chinese martial arts enthusiasts in Preah Sihanouk Province. Currently back in Phnom Penh, he has been seen training intensively, fueling speculation about a return to the ring. Vibol has expressed interest in testing his skills against current fighters, potentially resuming his career based on the outcomes.

    Lek Vibol remains a respected figure in the world of Kun Khmer, with a legacy marked by his formidable fighting skills and honorable career. Fans eagerly await the possibility of his return to the ring.

    Born 1976 (48)
    From Battambang Province
    Nickname The Fury Elbow
    Height 1.68 m
    Weight 51kg, 54kg, 57kg, 60kg
    Style Kun Khmer
    Stance Southpaw
    Kun Krou Lakshmana’s protective circle
    Boxing Gym Boxing Association of Gendarmerie ??
    Trainer Out Sophal, Chhey Bunchhoeu, Troeung Sos Say
    Years Active Retired (1985-2005) (Speculation of Ring Return)
    Total 400+
    Wins 380
    Losses 12
    Draws 08
    TKOs 250
    Last updated 14.05.2024
    Disclaimer: The information about the fight record is based on a phone interview with the athlete and is approximate, as it has been around 20 years since his last fight and records were not properly tracked in those days. This record will be revised accordingly if he returns to the ring.