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Touch Chanvortey

    Touch Chanvortey (Khmer: តូច ចាន់វត្តី), born in 2005 in Kandal Province, is a professional Kun Khmer fighter and National Team Kickboxer, affectionately known as “the Little Bunny.”

    Vortey’s Journey into Kun Khmer

    Her journey into Kun Khmer began with a focus on physical fitness and health but was later fueled by inspiration from her brother, Touch Devid, also a Kun Khmer fighter. She commenced professional training in 2019 at Arun Rath Keila Club Under the guidance of her coach, Mr. Art Samrith. Progressing from initial interest in fitness into Kun Khmer’s discipline and competitive spirit, led her to join the National Kick Boxing Team and represent Cambodia internationally.

    SEA Games 2023 Achievement

    In May 2023, Chanvortey achieved a significant milestone in her Kun Khmer career by winning the gold medal in the 52kg Kun Khmer category at the 32nd SEA Games hosted by Cambodia. Her victory over Vietnamese opponent Nguyen Thi Chieu in the final match showcased her skill and determination, earning her widespread acclaim and bringing pride to Cambodia.

    Chanvortey’s success at the SEA Games has inspired a new generation of aspiring Kun Khmer fighters, particularly women. She advocates for the sport’s accessibility and empowerment, emphasizing its benefits for self-defense and fitness.

    As Chanvortey continues to excel in her Kun Khmer journey, she remains a symbol of resilience and determination, demonstrating that even a journey that begins with a focus on fitness can lead to greatness in the ring.