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Touch Devit

    Touch Devit (Khmer: តូច ដេវីត), born in 2002 in Kandal Province, is a professional Kun Khmer fighter and National Team Kickboxer, renowned for his powerful fists which have led to numerous TKO victories. Devit rapidly rose to fame due to his exceptional performance in early bouts, most notably when he forced two referee 8-counts and ultimately won by points against a much more experienced fighter, Long Chin, who was his childhood idol. This significant victory came after just around nine bouts.

    Journey into Kun Khmer

    In an interview with Thmey Thmey News, Touch Devit shared his lifelong dream of becoming a professional boxer. Before turning 18, Devit avidly watched both national and international boxing matches. Driven by his passion for the sport, he persuaded his father to buy him boxing equipment. At 18, Devit began training with his father as his tutor. Due to the lack of online trainers at the time, he relied solely on his father’s guidance, which often led to self-inflicted injuries. Nevertheless, Devit’s father, Mr. Y Touch, fully supported him, saving money to buy necessary training equipment like boxing gloves and a heavy bag.

    After a year of training, Devit asked his father for permission to train at Arunreah Gym, run by Master At Samreth. This marked the beginning of his formal journey into Kun Khmer. Despite the initial challenges, Devit never considered giving up. His perseverance paid off when he won his first competition, motivating him to train harder and compete more frequently.

    Devit is not the only member of his family involved in Kun Khmer. His younger sister, Touch Chanvortey, also shares his passion for the martial art.

    SEA Games and Other International Achievements

    Touch Devit won a bronze medal in the boxing event at the 32nd SEA Games hosted by Cambodia. He has also secured other medals in international events, such as the SEA Games in Vietnam and the Thailand Open 2022. At the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament, Devit exceeded expectations by defeating the Philippines’ John Paul Panuayan in the first round, marking Cambodia’s first victory in the competition.

    Transition to Other Combat Forms

    On May 25, 2024, Devit participated in his first TV5 Kickboxing event, where he knocked out his Thai opponent with leg kicks in the second round. This was his debut in kickboxing. Devit has also competed in bare-knuckle matches against Kun Khmer fighters, knocking out Eh Naroth and winning another match by points. Additionally, he has faced foreign fighters in bouts wearing MMA gloves, securing victories.

    Future Aspirations

    Despite his undeniable talent, fans often feel that Touch Devit is overlooked, as evidenced by his loss in a competition for a car due to popularity votes. However, Devit remains positive and harbors no ill feelings towards his fans. He believes that he can still capture their attention and admiration through his performances. Moving forward, Devit aims to concentrate more on matches using MMA gloves and kickboxing, convinced that these avenues will provide greater opportunities on the international stage.